Chance Finlayson Goes to Boston for 2016 Walk Against Breast Cancer


chance1Cluny First Grader, Chance and his parents, Rhonda and Rod Finlayson attended a Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Sunday, 2 October at the DCR Hatch Shell in Boston.  Chance has participated in the walk since 2012, while his mother, Rhonda has attended for over twelve years.

Rhonda was first drawn to the walk because, “there’s an amazing outpouring of energy there.” Additionally, she and Rod wanted to demonstrate to Chance it’s important to participate in causes that support a greater good, especially causes that do not have a direct effect on their lives.

“We hope to show Chance it’s essential to reach outside ourselves, to be part of things bigger than us and to realize life is about giving to others.”

Chance says, “I am very fast and the walk was sweet. There’s stuff to do at the walk, too. I took a ride on the zip line.”

Chance assisted his parents in collecting pledges, some of which came from his teachers at Cluny School, who were impressed with Chance’s determination and participation in a major cause.

40,000 walkers participated in the 2016 Boston Strides Walk, which is slated to raise over $2M when all pledges, matching gifts and post-event donations are submitted.


Way to go, Chance. Cluny School is proud of you!

For more information on Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, see this link:

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